A Bit About Myself

As a dedicated Yoga instructor, I am constantly learning, developing and improving my practice as I work.

For me, preparing for a yoga class is like preparing the best meal possible; I take time and effort to collect ingredients from different sources, studying their suitability and power. I then use only the best of these in my recipe, to making the result satisfying, enjoyable and richly nutritious for my guests.

My name is Kai. I completed an intensive yoga teacher training course at The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, and fully qualified as a yoga instructor in 2017. I have also gained further yoga training in pregnancy yoga & senior yoga 

I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years now. When I first attended yoga classes, in Hong Kong, I, like most beginners, had a very stiff body, poor flexibility, and lacked core strength. I remember feeling so frustrated that couldn't straighten my legs, bend my back and twist my body correctly during asanas (postures) and was envious of others' ability to perform the asanas so beautifully. Once I started studying yoga however, I realised that Its benefits extend far beyond the physical. For me,  yoga is a continuous journey of discovery, learning through practice. It improves my wellbeing, willpower and patience, calms my mind and inspires me through philosophy.

Be patient, enjoy your practice. And you will achieve your goal.

Om Namah Sivaya.




200 hours yoga teacher training

A month intensive yoga teacher training at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. Studied the classical transitional Hatha yoga , breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. Further more, Yoga philosophy and yoga anatomy.


Further teacher training- pregnancy yoga

completed 18.75 hours yoga teaching how to teach and safely modify yoga poses for pregnant women. As well as relaxation techniques for pregnancy.


Further teacher training - senior yoga

Completed a weekend course of senior yoga teaching.


Functional Range Conditioning - FRC Mobility Specialist

A system that focus on body mobility
- develops and maintains the range of motion.
- improves and prolongs joint health.
- increases joint strength, stability and resilience.
- promotes neurological control. 
- benefits post-injury recovery and rehabilitation.